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公司邮箱?a href="mailto:chenbin@dg-shoujia.com" target="_blank" title="邮箱">chenbin@dg-shoujia.com


    东莞首嘉制管有限公司是一个集产品开发、生产制造、市场营销为一体的现代化技术型企业。公司具备研究开发能力、先进完善的生产工艺、严格的质量管理体系,为客户提供从研发到售后全过程的优质服务?br /> Shoujia Pipe Making Co. LTD. Is a modern technological corporation which includes exploitation, produce and marketing and sales. The corporation is equipped with research and development capabilities, sophisticated production engineering, strict quality control and it is able to provide customers with quality service from exploitation to after-sale. 

    公司成立?014年,位于东莞市洪梅镇乌沙村第三工业区,占地面?000m2。专业研发生产销售内外抽冷拔精密钢管,采用先进生产工艺与高精度自动化机械,由资深钢管加工制造行业工程师担任技术指导,带领经验丰富的精密钢管生产团队,致力于承制各类型优质钢管五金件?br /> Being founded in 2013, Shoujia is located in the third industrial area of Wusha village, Hongmei town, Dongguan and it is about 6000 square meter. 
Hongmei town, Dongguan and it is about 6000 square meter. With advanced production engineering and high-accuracy and roboticized machines, also under the guidance of engineers who specialize in manufacturing industry, the corporation is expert at exploiting and producing cold drawn precision tubes with internal and external pumping and working on manufacturing all kinds of quality steel tubes and hardware.

    产品广泛应用于汽车配件、商用打印机、机械管道、电子产品、直?a href="/supply/6.html" target="_blank">电机外壳、健身器材、家具制造等产品,为各领域提供优质钢管,是五金加工、机械制造行业的理想合作伙伴?br />

ShoujiaHUOCHU products are widely applied on auto parts, commercial printers, mechanical tubes, electronic products, DC motorsHUO?outer covering, fitness equipments and furniture manufacturing. Shoujia is an ideal cooperative partner in hardware processing industry and machinery manufacturing industry which is able to provide quality tubes for all areas.